Mohammad Javeid

My visit to Turkeye was not only to come and enjoy my vacation but I had also planned to have Dr. Ramazan transplant my new hair and give me back my younger look again. Dr. Ramazan and his top class crew goes above and beyond to make sure that their hairplantion client goes home fully satisfied. Right from step 1., starting with Mr. Bahtiar who btw is very well mannered and very highly customer service oriented to step 10 - the whole team is just top class and very impressive. Mr. Bahtiar will go out of the way to make sure you (the client) gets no issues and face no road blocks. He was on top of things, he reminded us daily from the day we contacted and contracted with American Aesthetics step by step from our arrival to, hotel stay, Initial consultation, surgery day, and departure to all the minutes of details. Trust me CUSTOMER SERVICE is a very big issue here in Turkey, but not with American Aesthetics superb team. I will give them all 10           's all the way...!! Go Team American Aesthetics. I will definitely recommend American Aesthetics to all within my circle of friends back in the USA.

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