Sofiya Abbou

I honestly don’t know where to start? The wonderful professional staff? Or the brilliant surgeon? Or the fabulous Erol Sanli who helped me through my journey? Or the drivers who brought me back and forth? I honestly don’t know because I would 100% recommend this clinic to anyone who is interested in having lipo, bbl, breast lift, hair transplant etc., this Clinic is exactly what we need here across Europe! The staff omg the wonderful staff!! The nurses are like beautiful angels who help you through it all!!! I cannot emphasise enough how grateful and ecstatic I am to be able to say that I had an absolute wonderful experience with this clinic! Honestly they are like one big professional happy family that work in harmony together !!! And a big special thanks to my wonderful friend Erol Sanli from Carezone who helped me with every single step through this journey, from confirming my day surgery to translating to being present to answering within the same minute of sending him a message and trust me I’ve sent a lot ! SO SO SO GRATEFUL!!!! Oh of course my brilliant surgeon Kerim, honestly I call him the Turkish Picasso because he made me 100% a work of art!! I recommend this clinic 1000000000000%

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